"Photography is a continuous theatre of death, where time is absorbed. Otherwise it falls asleep in a princess's manner."

Roland Barthes

     Memories are an integral part of our life. Our grandparents' stories combined with the history of the land we inhabit build up a sense of belonging and eliminate a feeling of alienation. The story of one's own region is of special interest. However, reading a thick volume is not enough. It is the individual experience that counts. This album is the result of two years' hunt for old photographs and postcards. Thanks to its authors' perseverance the non-existing places are restored to life once again. An old church and cottages tell their own stories about the past. People frozen in the frame - perhaps accidentally - had their part in the town's history. What were their moods and problems? Will they make their presence felt? Funny costumes and hairstyles. A little harbour and its boats. Old photographs have their own soul and charm us with their stories.
     The time machine. You are welcome to go aboard and meet with a thrilling adventure...

Wladyslaw Diakun




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